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Performance & quality

X Concept

This range of Adventure paramotors is equipped with a completely removable cage with interchangeable elements. The tank, with a large capacity, can hold up to 15L of fuel.  The composite bdy shell supporting the engine is the main element of comfort and simplicity of assembly. It helps to provide the best back protection possible. This body receives different types of paraglider hanging points from the simplest X model to the most sophisticated X-Race model.

Adventure’s 20 years experience, in collaboration with our Racing Team, our schools network and our in house engineering service, has given birth to the X-Race with the following features:

  •  light and strong carbon-polyester body
  • electric starter
  • strong and fully foldable cage (easy transport)
  • profiled aluminum segments for better air penetration
  • offset low bar avoiding swing effect when accelerating
  • 15.5l fuel tank for long cross country (5 hours flight)
  • Several options offered to customize your X-Race

All this and more while maintaining our brand characteristics as the well known Comfort, Security and Reliability of the Adventures’ machines.

A fiberglass body (white) receives a High Tech 4 harness. The wing is attached directly to the harness for simplicity and less weight. The Bumper is also available on this chassis.

This series is particularly suited to leisure use, ride without special paragliding piloting.

SOLID & handy

The pleasure of flying safely, at all levels of piloting.


The famous Adventure comfort is found on all our foot launch PPGs, both in portage and in flight. Our paramotors are ergonomic and designed for the pleasure of pilots.

Performance & quality

Compare the engines

Compact, lightweight (11kg) and very quiet. Suitable for light pilots. The Adventure 8.0 offers a good power-to-weight ratio for its 17hp at 9800 rpm for any pilot up to 75kg. Easy start, weight and silence are the prime qualities of this engine.

Polyvalent engine for novice and experienced pilots. The choice of the champions (P. Vallée World champion in 2012 & T. Petit in 2016). The best weight / power ratio in the range. 12kg with titanium pot option for 22hp at 7000 rpm. For pilots up to 100kg. Weight, linear power curve and 10 years of good behaviour make it the most chosen motorization.

The newcomer in the range with its 25hp for a weight of 14kg (identical to the Tiger with steel exhaust). For experienced pilots in need of sensation with a very high reactivity in gas. The Eole 135 is compact, powerful and very quiet. Its thrust will fill the pilots up to 110kg and the lighter pilots waiting for thrust. Aggressive power curve and silence make this French engine a more than interesting choice of renewal. Available only on X-Race and X-Race LT.

The heavy-duty and tandem foot launch engine. Overpowering with its 28hp although relatively light (15kg). Linearity in its power and thrust curve are the main advantages of this engine. Available only on X-Race or X-Race LT in view of its torque (three-bladed propeller) and its thrust.

Huit.0 Tiger Eole 135 F200
Chassis X & X-Race X & X-Race X-Race X-Race
Carbon propeller
Size cm 115/130 115/130 115/130 130
Weight kg from 22.3 23 24.7 26
Pilot weight kg 60 to 75 60 to 100 75 to 110 120
Cylinder cc 80 160 135 200
Power hp 15 22 25 28
Thrust kg 50/55 63/70 66/74 78
Autonomy 4h+ 4h+ 3.5h 3.5h
Reduction 4.2 2.85 3.12 3.1
Electric Starter Standard
RPM Tachometer Standard
Li-Po Battery Standard
Adventure Paramotor



High Tech 4

For X models. Size M, L or XL


For X-Race (Tiger, 200, 100). Size: S (= S & M T-shirt size) or M (= L & XL T-shirt size)


For X-Race, one size fits all (But with a small extension of size S or M to be specified to order)


Single or tandem Nano

Fun Nano

World Champion 2016 with Thomas PETIT

This small trike, accessory to clip under your X or X-RACE paramotor (version LT not recommended), allows you to take off occasionally on wheels when the aerological conditions make the take-off on foot difficult. Simple, ultra light, minimalist kit at a low price..